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We are AGWM missionaries to Vanuatu. We have served here since 2002. Our ministry focus is pioneer evangelism and church planting among the unreached tribes in Vanuatu.

These tribes are located on the islands of Santo, Pentecost and Tanna. In order to plant churches in these areas we conduct evangelistic surveys, seek to build relationship and open doors by meeting felt needs through literacy, medical clinics and primary schools.

We train church planters at Sanma Bible Training Center(SBTC). SBTC is a family campus hosting a primary school, an adult literacy school and a certificate level Bible school.


In 2015 we hope to build two new staff houses at SBTC, a church and medical clinic at Ponmil. The staff houses will cost me $25K each the cost of the clinic is still being determined. The primary challenge that we face is having enough Ni-Vanuatu pastors to fill all the open doors.

God has given us incredible opportunities to plant the church in communities where they have never had a church of any kind. We just don’t have enough workers to go around.

What keeps us going?

The call of God inspires us and drives us to continue. As a missionary nothing is more fulfilling to me that to evangelize in an unreached community, see people experience new life for the first time and ultimately see a church established.

When I go back and visit those churches that God has allowed us to plant in completely virgin territory I am overwhelmed with the awesome privilege that God has given me to be his ambassador.

When I look into the future I see a church in every community of Vanuatu, I see a national church filled with the Spirit, equipped with the word and passionate for the world launching their own missions program to the unreached of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

You can keep up with the Webb family at their website: www.webbministries.com

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