Radio equipment purchased by Good News Outreach for the Allender family and Debbie Sparkman with Rays of Light Ministry located near the border in Mexico.

“I use it a lot and the gospel has and is going out to thousands.  I am truly grateful and will always be grateful to all of you for making this possible. The program records very clearly. I recently preached on the radio program “A Greater than Solomon is Here” and they called me from the station and said people were calling in all over wanting copies and could I give them permission to do so. Of coarse I did.” said Sister Carol Allender, adding, “Many had also asked that it be repeated, so they  put it through 3 different times. Later I preached on “The Master of Galilee”. I used 2 programs for that one.  The same thing happened again.  People wanting copies or please put it on again and again.”

She says people are hungry for the Gospel. The programs are 30 minutes and in Spanish.

“I give all glory to God  for it all!” Sister Allender said.  The radio ministry is vital in sharing the Gospel for Jesus and to “make Him known to all.”

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