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We have put our hearts into Nigeria since 1992. Ten years ago, we felt a pull to another African nation. The door was closed to us at that time. We recently presented our strengthening burden for this nation to our leaders. This time it was enthusiastically affirmed. We are now the process of transitioning to that nation, from where we continue to work in Nigeria as well.

Our Mission is REACHING the lost with the message of Jesus Christ through every available means, PLANTING New Testament Churches, TRAINING biblically sound, Spirit-empowered, servant leaders for World Harvest and TOUCHING poor and suffering people with the love of Jesus, inviting them to be His followers.


Following our mission, we believe training is essential; therefore, Scott continues as president of Evangel Theological Seminary and founding pastor of Evangel Worship Center. The school offers a variety of ministerial BA and MA degrees. There are approximately 350 resident and distance students enrolled in ETS. Over the last several years, we have trained over 1,000 church leaders. Evangel Worship Center is enjoying the blessings of the Lord and is busy with discipleship, missions and church planting (mothering 10 other churches in the last 10 years).

Along with training, we prioritize reaching, planting and touching, so we have partnered with the national church in church planting. They provide a pastor and land, and thanks to our faithful supporters, we donate funds to put up a pole and roof “tabernacle.” After our evangelism team holds a campaign in the target area, the new converts are turned over to the pastor for discipleship and a new congregation is born. Since 1999, God has blessed, and we have been able to start over 600 new churches. In that time well over 450,000 have publicly confessed salvation through Christ!


We are thankful for how God has helped and blessed the work in Nigeria, and we prayerfully believe He will do even more in our new nation. By the grace of God, our future will be greater than our past! We are working with a national church that has one congregation and about 5 preaching points (but no missionaries) in this country of 1.8 million people. There are very few evangelical Christians. With 90% adhering to another major world religion, we hope to reach this nation for the Kingdom of God through the establishment of a Discipleship Training Center (which will eventually become a Bible school) and church planting. There are currently 5 men ready for training to evangelize this nation. Our prayer is to raise up leaders over the next ten years that will pastor the more than 100 churches we hope to plant. These are big goals because we have a BIG God!

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