The Mansaray Family

The Mansaray family is from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. This English speaking country has a population of over six million people, 70 percent of which live in poverty.

“I was saved in a missionary church, September 1st 1986, and immediately the Lord called me to preach for him. Since then, I have never gone back to the ways of sin,” Rev. Mansaray said.


In 1995, the Lord led Rev. Mansaray’s to open a Christian school. The two eagerly began with 24 students. Today, the school has exponentially grown to over 350 students. Rev. Mansaray is a pastor to the Elim International Worship Center located at 40B Water, Congo Town, Freetown. The school the Mansarays oversee is the Elim International Christian Academy.

In 2009, the Lord laid it upon Rev. Mansaray’s heart to next start a radio broadcast to the people of Freetown.

“Today my wife and I are thankful for the advice of the Rev. Gene Huff for giving us sound advising with financial contribution from First Pentecostal and many churches in the United States,” Rev. Mansaray said.

The opportunity for financial assistance and mentors in the radio ministry (WYGE 92.3FM) has made this dream for the Mansarays possible. Their goal following the construction of the radio station in Freetown, is to see the Christian radio cover the entire country by God’s grace.

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