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God has blessed us with a beautiful family. We have five children, three daughter in-laws and two grandsons. Three of our children live in Springfield, Missouri and we have one daughter attending Bible School in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Our youngest daughter still serves with us in Slovakia.

After planting a church in Springfield, Missouri and pastoring it for fifteen years, God burdened our hearts for the people of Central Europe. We resigned our church and hit the itineration road. In December 2010, we headed to the country of Slovakia. We spent our first term in the capital city of Bratislava where we planted an English speaking International Church (Bratislava International Fellowship). While we were ministering throughout Slovakia, we were introduced to a people group known as the Roma people—- more commonly know as Gypsies.


Learning that there were 500,000 Roma in Slovakia and they were hated, marginalized and very needy, we felt God very strongly speaking to us about working with these people. We moved to the eastern part of Slovakia where a majority of the Roma is concentrated and we are now devoting most of our ministry to reaching these beautiful people.


We are currently involved in weekly ministries and on-going outreaches in thirteen different Roma villages. These ministries range from construction to compassion needs (food and clothing), as well as preaching and teaching ministries, involving leadership training, practical home/health issues and English education.

With these people having very little food or clothing and living in horrible conditions, the work becomes staggering at times. But in the midst of all the degradation, God is bringing revival to the Gypsies in Slovakia. We are truly witnessing a spiritual-phenomena taking place among the Roma nation.

We desire to see the Roma people accept Christ and help bring about a true, holistic transformation, to their people. Thankfully we are already seeing the first signs of that transformation happening in some villages.

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